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International policy


Group of colourful macaws.

Q&A: What progress has been made on protecting nature a year on from COP15?

It has been more than one year since the gavel came down at the last UN biodiversity summit, where almost every country in the world agreed on a plan... Read More

International policy | Jan 31. 2024.
Aerial view of solar panels and wind turbines in Vietnam. Credit: Quang Ngoc Nguyen / Alamy Stock Photo

Wind and solar capacity in south-east Asia climbs 20% in just one year, report finds

Solar and wind capacity in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region increased by 20% in 2023, bringing the total to more than 28 gig... Read More

Renewables | Jan 17. 2024.
Volunteers plant seedlings in a mangrove conservation area on Dupa Beach, Indonesia in 2021.

Guest post: What would an ambitious ‘global goal on adaptation’ look like at COP28?

The impacts of climate change are already being felt by both humans and ecosystems, with extreme weather events and record-high temperatures becoming... Read More

Guest posts | Dec 11. 2023.
Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta C attends the launching ceremony of a solar farm in Garissa, Kenya, 2019.

Guest post: Why some ‘developing’ countries are already among largest climate-finance contributors

With UN climate negotiations underway at COP28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), climate finance has once again been one of the key issues countr... Read More

Guest posts | Dec 11. 2023.
Heavy public transport traffic and pedestrians on Princes Street in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Guest post: How 120 of the world’s major cities could cut transport CO2 by 22%

Cities are often overlooked as being a major contributor to climate change. Yet their diversity has made it hard to assess how far they can cut their... Read More

Guest posts | Nov 6. 2023.
People repairing flood defence in a village in Bangladesh near the bay of Bengal.

Guest post: Three major gaps in climate-adaptation finance for developing countries

Developing countries require hundreds of billions of dollars in investment every year to help them adapt to the rising threat of climate change. W... Read More

International policy | Nov 2. 2023.
Aerial view of Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the Republic of the Congo.

Q&A: What the ‘underwhelming’ Three Basins Summit means for tropical forests

Rainforest countries from across three continents agreed at the Three Basins Summit in Brazzaville last week to work together to finance and protect ... Read More

International policy | Nov 1. 2023.
The Wadden Sea, factory buildings and wind turbines at sunset, Eemshaven, Netherlands.

Analysis: Global CO2 emissions could peak as soon as 2023, IEA data reveals

Global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from energy use and industry could peak as soon as this year, according to Carbon Brief analysis of figures fro... Read More

International policy | Oct 26. 2023.
A fossil-fuelled power generating station in Denver, Colorado.

Guest post: Why all fossil fuels must decline rapidly to stay below 1.5C

With 151 countries, 257 cities and 969 companies having announced net-zero targets, it is clear that much of society now understands the need to achi... Read More

Guest posts | Oct 26. 2023.
Two residential heat pumps buried in snow. Credit: Radu Sebastian / Alamy Stock Photo

Guest post: How heat pumps became a Nordic success story

A common criticism of heat pumps is that they do not work in cold weather. However, the Nordic region – particularly Sweden, Finland and Norway ... Read More

International policy | Oct 2. 2023.
In-depth Q&A: Can ‘carbon offsets’ help to tackle climate change?

In-depth Q&A: Can ‘carbon offsets’ help to tackle climate change?

Every day, people are invited to buy products and services with supposed climate benefits – whether this be “carbon-neutral flights”, “net-ze... Read More

Explainers | Sep 25. 2023.
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