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EU policy


EU flags in front of the the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium.

Q&A: European Commission calls for 90% cut in EU emissions by 2040

The EU should cut its emissions to 90% below 1990 levels by 2040, according to a new roadmap released by the European Commission. This will requir... Read More

EU policy | Feb 7. 2024.
Anger and demonstration of farmers in France

Analysis: How do the EU farmer protests relate to climate change? 

From Berlin and Paris, to Brussels and Bucharest, European farmers have driven their tractors to the streets in protest over recent weeks.  A... Read More

Food and farming | Feb 5. 2024.
A RWE brown coal power plant.

EU’s use of fossil fuels for electricity falls 17% to ‘record low’ in first half of 2023

The amount of electricity generated by fossil fuels across the European Union (EU) fell to its lowest level since records began in the first six mont... Read More

EU policy | Aug 29. 2023.
Ponta de Sao Lourenco, Madeira islands, Portugal.

Prioritising threatened species could help ‘guide’ expansion of EU protected areas

The expansion of protected areas in the EU should be guided by choosing locations that are home to the species facing “the most imminent threat of ... Read More

Land and soils | Jul 28. 2023.
Traffic on the German autobahn in Frankfurt.

Autobahn speed limit would cut carbon and bring €1bn in benefits, study says

Bringing in a speed limit of 130kph (80mph) across all of Germany’s motorways could result in nearly €1bn in welfare savings, a new study says, w... Read More

EU policy | Jul 25. 2023.
A mahogany tree illegally logged in the Brazilian state of Para for export to the EU.

Q&A: What does the EU’s new deforestation law mean for climate and biodiversity?

EU policymakers are at the final stage of signing off a new law aiming to prevent the sale of products such as palm oil, coffee and chocolate if they... Read More

EU policy | Apr 13. 2023.
Workers next to a giant wind turbine blade at the factory VentoMoinho at Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

Q&A: How the EU wants to race to net-zero with ‘Green Deal Industrial Plan’

At least 40% of the EU’s low-carbon technologies – from solar panels to heat pumps – will need to be made within its borders by 2030 under new ... Read More

EU policy | Mar 17. 2023.
Norwegian tanker transporting Natural Liquid Gas Rotterdam

In-depth Q&A: How the EU plans to end its reliance on Russian fossil fuels

Solar panels on every new home and a ban on fossil-fuel boilers by the end of the decade are among the proposals in a new EU plan to completely end t... Read More

EU policy | May 20. 2022.

The Carbon Brief Profile: France

In this country profile, Carbon Brief examines the state of climate and energy policies in France, a major emitter that nevertheless relies on fossil... Read More

Country profiles | Apr 13. 2022.
German parties reach a deal to form a coalition government in Berlin

Q&A: What does the new German coalition government mean for climate change?

Following two months of negotiations, three political parties have agreed to form a new government in Germany, after hammering out a deal that includ... Read More

EU policy | Dec 2. 2021.
Row of billowing blue European Union flags outside the EU headquarters Berlaymont building

Q&A: How ‘Fit for 55’ reforms will help EU meet its climate goals

The European Commission has published proposals on how the European Union should reach its legally binding target to cut emissions to 55% below 1990 ... Read More

EU policy | Jul 20. 2021.
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