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UK policy


Chris Skidmore, former Conservative MP in Victoria Palace Gardens, London, 2024. Image ID: 2WBK7XE

The Carbon Brief Interview: Chris Skidmore

Chris Skidmore has been both UK energy and science minister and led an independent government review into net-zero published in 2023. He recently res... Read More

Interviews | Jan 17. 2024.
Fitting solar pv panels to house roof Wales UK.

Analysis: Surge in heat pumps and solar drives record for UK homes in 2023

The installation of solar panels and heat pumps in UK homes soared in 2023, driving the country to its highest-ever level of domestic low-carbon tech... Read More

Renewables | Jan 12. 2024.
A person holds a smart meter.

Q&A: How Great Britain’s 'demand flexibility service' is cutting costs and CO2 emissions

Amid heightened concern last winter about the security of the electricity supply across the island of Great Britain, National Grid Electricity System... Read More

UK policy | Nov 28. 2023.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt on Downing Street on 22 November 2023.

Autumn statement 2023: Key climate and energy announcements

UK chancellor Jeremy Hunt has delivered his autumn statement, laying out plans for revitalising the economy at a time of inflation and slow growth. ... Read More

UK policy | Nov 22. 2023.
New housing on the Cambridge Clay Farm Development in Trumpington.

Guest post: Fixing the gaps in England’s ‘biodiversity net-gain’ policy

England will soon introduce one of the world’s most ambitious biodiversity policies in “Biodiversity Net Gain”.  This policy effectivel... Read More

Guest posts | Oct 25. 2023.
Close up of newly imported Chinese electric cars, awaiting UK distribution.

Factcheck: 21 misleading myths about electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) significantly cut lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions in almost all circumstances and are the key technology for decarbonising... Read More

UK policy | Oct 24. 2023.
Andrew Mitchell, UK development minister at 10 Downing Street, London.

Analysis: UK ‘adds’ £450m to its climate-finance spending by changing definition

The UK has “added” around £450m to its climate-aid spending in developing countries by changing how it defines “climate finance”, according ... Read More

UK policy | Oct 23. 2023.
The City of London.

Revealed: Tenth of UK’s climate-aid spending goes via private consultancies

More than one-tenth of UK foreign aid spent on climate-related projects since 2010 has been channelled through consultancies, a new Carbon Brief inve... Read More

UK policy | Oct 13. 2023.
Chancellor Rishi Sunak speaking at the COP26 summit in Glasgow. Image ID: 2H4HKWB.

Analysis: How the UK has fallen 40% behind on its £11.6bn climate-finance pledge

The UK has fallen nearly 40% behind on its pledge to rapidly scale up climate finance for developing countries, according to Carbon Brief analysis. ... Read More

UK policy | Oct 11. 2023.
Men plant mangrove seedlings in Kendari, Indonesia on 18 February 2021. Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

Analysis: How the UK has spent its foreign aid on climate change since 2011

Since 2011, the UK has spent at least £12.63bn on 490 climate-related projects in developing countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. A new invest... Read More

UK policy | Oct 11. 2023.
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak delivers a speech on net-zero commitments at 10 Downing Street on 20 September 2023.

In-depth Q&A: What do Rishi Sunak’s U-turns mean for UK climate policy?

In a shock announcement, UK prime minister Rishi Sunak revealed earlier this week plans to abandon or delay core parts of his government’s climate ... Read More

UK policy | Sep 22. 2023.
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